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Smart Hoop

Smart Hoop

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Experience a new way to exercise and workout with the next generation hoop.

Adjustable, weighted, and fits snug around the waist.

  • Build up safely to heart pumping workouts
  • Use it anytime anywhere
  • Increase self esteem, reduce anxiety
  • In built abdominal massage to ease soreness
  • Burn up to 800 Kcal
  • 30 Day money back guarantee

Durable and hardwearing: Adjustable weighted hoop featuring shock absorbing ring with 360 pressure relieving nodes maximum comfort applied to the core area.
Removable links: Easily removable links so as your bum and tum shrinks does the hoop.

Did you know that hula hooping is one of the most safe and effective calorie burn methods out there? These are facts backed up by research! Weighted hula hoop workouts are much similar to resistance training and HIIT workouts and 100% safe to do!

30 day money back guarantee.

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