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Skin Ice Roller

Skin Ice Roller

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Beauty REALLY is skin deep


Never use cucumber circles or boring old ice cubes again!

Use the reusable Ice roller , its different from an ice cube, mix and match your favorite ingredients combine them in water then simply pop in the freezer overnight.

Make sure you cleanse face before use to clean pores.

When you want to use the roller just take the top off and apply liberally to your face and eye area in 30 second circles , just watch the ice reduce inflammations, blemishes and those awful dark circles fade away.

Giving us what we all want in the morning- nice healthy glowing skin.
Made from high quality and food grade silicone
We recommend Rosewater, Green tea and essential oils  as a starter to rejuvenate 

Do not fill the casing all the way up as water expands

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