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 Ditch the pain killers, expensive physio appointments and ease your suffering today.

One of the most common Musculoskeletal problems in adults today is neck pain and upper back pain. In fact in the UK alone it is estimated that 20 million people in the UK suffer with symptoms of this per day

A great contributor to this is our sedentary lifestyles , posture , and viewing of tablets and smartphones.

Reduce and Relieve neck pain
This lightweight massager combining lightweight frame and a futuristic aesthetic, uses low frequency electrical impulse technology to stimulate affected areas, improving blood flow and reducing pain in the affected areas.

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Start with just 30 mins of use per day relax while watching TV to allow your feet to get used to Goodnight Bunion, progress to nightly useage shoe free of 3-4 hours.

  • Pull up the catch to release cable, fit silicone pad to footbone.

  • Adjustable straps to secure ball of foot and adjust big toe strap.

  • Adjust and tighten heel strap.

  • Adjust the dial to adjust the tension to suit.

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Can I Wear Shoes With This?

No that would be super uncomfortable, its designed to be worn while relaxing or sleeping

Do These Fit Both Feet?

yes they are interchangeable

Will It My Feet?

Yes its designed to be fully adjustable

When Can I expect Results?

e found that on average our customers experience a 20% reduction after 4 weeks and a 60% reduction after 12 weeks. 

Shipping + Guarantees

United Kingdom 7-15 business days

we're confident you will love our product. Which is why we're offering a 60-day risk free trial.
If for any reason you are not satisfied simply return the product for a full refund.