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A Good Pain Gives Way To A Good Pleasure.

  • Channel the ancient Chinese art of acupressure to relieve stress, pain, and more.
  • Lay down for just 10-30 mins per day for endorphin induced pain relief
  • Self treatment no acupuncture appointments needed 
  • Comes with self carry case
  • ECO friendly


3000 years of pain have been endured so you can feel the pleasure of the qi (life energy) moving through you.

An ancient form of healing practiced by the ancient Chinese known as acupressure has resulted in superior therapeutic benefits still felt by users today. Combining the standard yoga mat with this healing practice brings you the Acumat.

Be warned it is a little more intense than a standard yoga mat or foam roller. The mat is covered in tiny spikes that will relieve stress, aches , pain , and muscle tension from the body.

The relief from these is issues is provided by shocking your body into activating its self healing mechanism producing endorphins ,focusing on stimulating pressure points.

The mat is made from 100% cotton with a 20 mm foam insert
Caution if you have not used one of these mats before we strongly recommend a thin T shirt to start Build up usage, start with 10 mins per day and build up from there.



 Mat 64*41*2cm
Pillow 34*15*10
Cleaning instructions - handwash only

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