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Your own massage therapist available 24/7

All the benefits of a professional massage without the time or cost involved, all from the comfort of your home . 

A massager that provides relief

Our massager features 8 heated nodes within a durable mesh casing that rotate clockwise and anti clockwise digging deep into the muscles improving bloodflow freeing knots and tension so you feel refreshed and relaxed.

All over body application

Its so easy to use , due to its size and lightweight design you can simply hold in your hand and apply it to any area of the body which needs working on. The rotating heads ensure a deep massage with no knot left untied.

Safety ensured.

This is a massager that only heats up to the maximum human temperature of 45 ° so you can relax without worrying about burns or skin damage.

How it Works 

                   How to use

1 press on

2 select massage and speed

3 start 15 minute massage

4 turn off


    Charging adapter included

    220 V 





what benefits will the massage pillow give me

Massage is known to aid in the following:

Reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension.

Improve circulation, energy and alertness.

Lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Improving immune function.

Where can I take my massager

Thanks to the lightweight design , you can take it wherever you like , even have a personal massage on holiday

What if it gets dirty .

Casing is high quality pvc so just grab a damp cloth , gently rub and the dirt will come right off.