Find yourself struggling with swollen legs, numbing foot pain,  or tingling neuropathy?

Relieve years of discomfort in just 15 mins a day.

  • Natural approach to treating chronic foot pain

  • Your own on call podiatrist 24/7

  • Improves blood circulation, helps lymphatic drainage and swelling

  • Helps to temporarily soothe and prevent swollen ankles and stiff and sore feet .

  • Developed and scientifically tested by doctors

  • 60 day-risk free money back guarantee

Results or full refund

if you are not happy within 60 days we will refund hassle free.

Free Shipping Worldwide

delivered by our express courier.  Door to door with tracked and secured shipping.

24/7 customer  service available, Any queries about your order or questions about our range contact us day or night.

You are just a step away from being FREE of chronic foot pain, neuropathy, or plantar fasciitis.
Millions of Brits wake up every day after another night of broken sleep caused by painful and sore feet..
Whether the pains are caused by age or an unfortunate accident or a debilitating disorder such as neuropathy, It affects your every day daily life constantly.
But now breathe a sigh of relief as the Electropuncture mat targets those deep tissue areas and treating your pain at the source.
Its like having your podiatrist whenever , where ever at and at a fraction of the cost .
Recreate a home massage experience-feel those tensions in your feet and legs melt away with a selection of deep tissue penetrating treatments.
With 19 adjustable intensity levels and 8 modes there is something for everyone
8 Modes : each meets a different massage need . From a calm relaxing rubs to intense and firm.
19 Adjustable intensity levels
Using applied reflexology methods directly stimulate acupuncture points at your custom setting for maximum relief.

No more swollen calves or feet

This new N.M.E.S technology causes muscle aches in the affected areas of the body to recede, reducing inflammation and allow the body to remain in a relaxed state.

The electrical pulses stimulate overworked nerves so they can heal and recover.

This technology:

  •  Eliminates foot pain almost immediately

  • Promotes healing of damaged nerves

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

Effective against all types of foot and leg problems!.

This Electropuncture mat offers the unique combination of targeted massage and vibration that can relieve and prevent any type of leg pain.

  • Developed and recommended by doctors

  • Improves blood flow

  • Restores foot health

Reverse nerve damage

when muscles are stressed by constant pain they develop inflammation, which causes nerve damage and impairs their ability to heal.

when you use the Electropuncture mat it addresses the cause of the pain stimulating and rehabilitating the nerves. resulting in long term relief from muscle soreness.

Developed and recommended by specialists

Podiatrists and therapists can be very expensive and not always available . The Electropuncture mat was developed with this in mind  easily stored can literally fold into a handbag and can go wherever you go and more importantly wherever you are.


Connect USB cable to controller and charge when the  red light appears, disconnect as its ready for use


Connect controller to the Electropuncture mat. Place your feet on the mat and press the + button to turn on the massager. Continue to press +/- to increase or decrease intensity. Press the M button for mode options.


Enjoy a pain free 15 minutes massage session

60 day money back guarantee

we are confident you will love and get best use out of our product which is why we are happy to offer you a 60 day risk free trial

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can simply return the product and get a full refund.

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Electropuncture mat x2

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  • 2x Electropuncture Mat

  • 60 Day money back guarantee

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UNIT PRICE -£39.99

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Electropuncture Mat™-Put your best foot forward and and step into temporary pain free feet in just 15 mins per day
  • 1x Electropuncture Mat

  • 60 Day money back guarantee

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Electropuncture mat x3

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  • 3x Electropuncture Mat

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We Are Here To Help


What benefits should I expect?

Relief from pain and discomfort in your feet and legs, ideal time of use is before bed or just waking up

Can I use the Electropuncture Mat while pregnant?

Do not use the Foot mat while pregnant as the device will increase body temperature.

Can I use the device with a heart condition or pacemaker?

We very much recommend you do not use the device in this case , for further information please consult your Doctor.

How long should I use the device for at one time?

The mat has a 15 min timer, will switch off when session is complete

Can I use it with heart disease/high blood pressure?

No we do not recommend this . Please consult your Doctor.