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Stay surefooted and confident with the Surefoot non slip shower mat


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  • Designed with non-slip in mind for grip and safety

  • Mould inhibiting Microban Antibacterial material

  • Fast draining , no stains

  • Safe, Soft, cushion for the soles of your feet

  • Long lasting - minimal upkeep


Traditional mats are unhygienic and unhealthy. Make this simple switch for  increased safety and hygiene.

Its said that 30,000 people in the UK end up in hospital after a fall in the bathroom. Due to excess water that has not drained away because of clogged bath and shower mats.

Most mats are made from cheap plastics and feature suction underneath, sadly these are breeding grounds for mould and mildew its quite gross and as well as causing a slip hazard its also incredibly unhealthy transferring to your body causing fungus or skin irritations.

There is now a safer- more hygienic way , the Surefoot mat is made with 100% top grade Microban & loofah fabric with a lattice design for grip and support. A quick draining anti bacterial material that lets water run through as smoothly as a waterfall . We do recommend that once rinsed dry brush to remove any excess hair.

"Water Flows Through It Like A River"

See How The Surefoot Mat can keep you safe and secure in your bathroom

Based on feedback from 1000s of Happy customers

Fast Draining=No Slip No Mould No Smell

Why Thousands Are Ditching the Normal mat for the "Surefoot mat"

The soft lattice texture once soapy and wet provides firm grip.

the underneath material prevents it from slipping on the floor

once hung up it drains and dries fast.

The traditional bathmat never fully drains water so aswell as smelling like a damp dog they become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi the microban fibres ensure that germs are unable to live on your mat.

Surefoot Mat loofah and lattice design has millions of small puncture style holes that instantly drain water. You can easily bathe on it without worry of slipping because of excess soapy build up.

Surefoot mat unique texture which becomes soft acts like memory foam providing cushion support for the soles of your feet giving a feeling of a luxury massage.

No Bathroom Is Complete Without A Non-Slip Mat

Transform Your Bathing Experience

We normally shower or bathe first thing in the morning or last thing at night . Many of our customers still experience tiredness and lethargy the Surefoot mat ensures that while less focused they don't accidently slip , furthermore they enjoy reporting not having to constantly clean the mat.

Prevents hair from clogging the drain

Soap and water do not build up over it

No stains rinses clean

Get The Last Bath Mat You'll Ever Need

Order the Surefoot Mat today and see why so many people are raving about this thirsty mat!

 Based on feedback from 1000s of happy customers

The Surefoot Mat is NOT your old shower mat.....

See how it beats the traditional mat in every way

The verdict is in:

Brits Love The Surefoot Mat

Here is what our verified customers are saying:

Love this bath mat! Our tub has a textured bottom and couldn’t find anything to stay in place until I purchased this mat. Stays in place without having to worry about suction cups. I don’t feel like I’m going to slip or fall anymore.

Janet G

Verified Buyer

"I needed a decent shower mat that I didnt need to keep standing on a cold slippery hard tile "

Stay safe and secure with the Surefoot Mat

Based on feedback from 1000s of happy customers

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Brits are loving this quick drying, affordable odor free shower mat.

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