How a chance meeting with a old college friend set me on the path of curing my tingling neuropathy for good.

by Jess Keller- November 9th 2023

Suffering with neuropathy is like a life sentence , no really.

Every single day your constantly having to plan out your schedule when you think you will be able to get off the sofa for longer than 5 minutes before the feeling of a 1000 sharp pins hitting your feet come back.

But it was not always this way...

I was a young vibrant and carefree mom with a doting husband and wonderful children .... sadly neuropathy took this from me.

Intimacy with my man is now few and far between as I struggle to stay awake each day after zonking myself out with painkillers to sleep at night.

Now I can barely spend any time socialising with friends either , they always have faces full of pity as id have to attend our get togethers using my cane ......

But what hurts the most is my loss of independence....

id always been a strong reliable woman , all that is now gone as I have to rely on others to fulfil the most simple tasks .

" I struggle to stay awake each day after zonking myself out with painkillers to sleep at night"

Then one day when i was attending a Doctors appointment I ran into an old college friend that had just graduated med school.

I was embarrassed shuffling along the road as she called my name ..

she looked at the cane and said whats wrong ? .....

I explained I had Horrid debilitating foot pain and my Doctor just advises pill after pill ...

My friend said they will .... il let you in on a secret we hardly cover anything other than cure with drugs and or surgery.....

I was shocked there has to be a better way ...

Turns out there is.... my friend told me that she had suffered with the same thing ..

It is called neuropathy she said and in blunt fashion she did not hold back - its where your nerves are slowly dying . imagine a plant ... I said no I get the picture.

We chatted further she said see your whole body is made up of nerve cells, and well the body needs constant oxygen pumping through it for you to function effectively...

Problem is as this fluid decreases and changes velocity of the blood flow .... it means your feel since they are furthest from the heart means the get the least amount....

and since you have a lack of oxygen ....well

She noticed I was visibly upset.

Fighting back tears I said what can be done and she said well there is some doctors and scientists specialising in this area realised .. if they can improve blood flow to the muscles surrounding the nerves they could rebuild and stop the nerves dying off further

HOW I exclaimed , she smirked and said EMS ... em what i said ....

Electrical muscular stimulation , basically its short sharp stimulated shocks to the feet which pump in blood meaning that the dying nerves get the much needed oxygen rich blood rapidly sent to them. Which means regeneration of damaged nerve cells is promoted with each use.

she showed me the product she bought to do it ...

The electropuncture mat....she excitedly gushed honestly its a life saver you will be able to return to things you love again in almost no time at all Give it a try.. and with that she left.

New Breakthrough Tech that fixes blood circulation issues and neuropathy within weeks.

This technology sends a unique combination of targeted electric impulses deep into the tissue of feet and instantly kickstarts blood circulation…

While at the same time triggering all the right nerves in your feet and promoting the regeneration of damaged nerve cells.

All without moving or even leaving your chair.

This means that within a few days, the nerves in your feet can repair and heal, eliminating the burning pain, tingling, and numbness…

allowing you to get back to the things you love again.…

Without constant foot pain and swelling trapping you in your own body.

"My friend was right , this saved my life!!.

I purchased it but wasnt expecting much but the pain began to fade

and those horrific sharp tingling sensations became a distant memory ...

Now I wake up in the morning with tears in my eyes not from pain but from feeling NOTHING im so happy

My friend was right this has Electropuncture Mat has changed my life!!

I can walk without pain

in fact its indescribable how my friends smiled as I attended my first spa trip in maybe 12 months without my cane

I am truly living life to its fullest and making up for lost time.

Its so easy anyone can use it!!

The best part is using this is childsplay there are no cords you literally just attach the control that provides the stimulation and stand on the Electropuncture mat. select your mode and intensity you feel comfortable with .... and off you go!.

then sit back and experience bliss as the mat erases the pain , tingling and then frees you from foot pain once and for all.

Thousands of people have been able to reverse their neuropathy with this device.

The best bit is you do not have to join these people today! 

We ask you try it for 60 days totally risk free...

This is how the offer works.....

We at Varsata are so confident in our Electropuncture mats ability to help you that do not expect you to pay a single penny.

We are giving a 60 day guarantee no ifs no buts and most importantly no hassle!

Order one or two of the Electropuncture mats today, Use it for 60 days then decide if you love it ! we are sure you will

if you do not feel any relief in your feet or legs . 

Your money will be refunded no questions asked!!


And from our feedback so far we are certain it will!


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